Monday, December 27, 2010

Pillows with Zippers

Here comes another rant. If there is anything I can't stand, it's pillows with zippers. Seriously, how is this necessary? Don't the people that are making these things realize that pillow fights are one of America's greatest past times? I know a couple people personally that were seriously injured as children due to unfortunate accidents involving pillow fights and zippers.

Zippers belong on my fancy jeans (when I'm not rocking the button-fly), not on pillows. Pillows are supposed to be like the safest and most comfortable things in the world. They should never ever be dangerous.

So, basicaly I think it's time to start an anti-pillow-zipper movement. Who's with me? If you or someone you know has been injured by a lousy zipper in the heat of a pillow fight, please join me in this fight. Together we can make the world a better and brighter place for our children (and those of us that plan to continue to engage in pillow fights well into our autumn years).

I feel better now. Thanks for indulging me.

Friday, October 29, 2010

When I Think of Fashion

When I think of fashion, I don't think of uggs with denim skirts. I don't think of over the top runway outfits. I also don't think of skinny models with dark circles under their eyes that look like they're on drugs in a cologne/perfume ad. You know what I do think about?

Zoolander. In my humble opinion, Zoolander (the film) is the best depiction of the fashion world. From Mugatu to Hansel to Vince Vaughn working in a coal mine, everything about that film to me was the embodiment of fashion.

Why haven't they made a sequel already? Seriously, like, I'm ready to find out what happened next for Derek Zoolander. I would also like to know if Mugatu was prosecuted for his crimes. Is Derek still modeling? Is Hansel still modeling, for that matter? Did Derek's son grow up to be a model, just like his dad? And what about Maury Ballstein?

There is just so much left unanswered. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see Derek reunited with his father and brothers in a sequel. Is that too much to ask? Am I asking too many questions?

Okay, g2g, time to watch my favorite movie of all time now.